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The December lock-in is December 14-15, from 7PM to 7AM. It is our "forbidden fruit overnight", so video games and other electronics are allowed! Snacks and pop will be available all night, with pizza served at about midnight. Invite your friends!

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High Adventure 2018

Troop 42 was scheduled to attend Philmont in 2018, but due to the unfortunate spread of wildfires on Philmont property, we were unable to go. Luckily, the troop was able to plan out an alternative trip for the summer: the Alpine Adventure, a 5-day backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies.

7 scouts and 4 adults arrived at Camp Tahosa of the Denver Area Council on July 24 after a grueling 14-hour bus ride. The next few days were spent on day adventures (high COPE course, the Via Ferrata climbing course, horseback riding) and getting acclimated to the elevation: 9000 feet at base camp!

We left on our backpacking adventure on Monday July 30, starting at the Fourth of July trailhead. We proceeded to work our way in a clockwise loop around the Continental Divide over the next five days, passing directly over the Divide twice. Each day, the crew hiked roughly 8 miles, gaining and losing a lot of altitude. On Thursday, August 2, we summited Sawtooth Mountain at 12,304 feet above sea level! We marched back into base camp on Friday, tired but enthusiastically singing "When the Scouts Go Marching In".

The crew arrived back in Cedar Rapids on August 4.

Download all photos.
Download trip journal by Mr. Ryan.


March 2018 Campout Limericks:

We’re the scouts from troop 42
And we know just what to do
On the trails that are muddy
I hike with my buddy
We never lose one, but two
-Mr. Ryan

In summer I go to scout camp
Where the mornings are quite damp
The days are muggy
With the nights quite buggy
I always come home a champ
-Mr. Ryan

There once was a scout who got eagle
Some say he could hike like a beagle
He helps scouts advance
His campfires are like a dance
Sean Ehlert helps our troop be regal
-Mr. Cole

There once was a troop with a bus
It made campouts much less a fuss
One month no drivers
Bad locks, an under miner
Still fun but the bus is a plus
-Mr. Cole

There once was a scout that was Life
Who wanted from his dad a knife
Wrote him a letter
How to get better
And mint cookies for a wife
-Mr. Burger

Once there was an awesome pony
Whose beautiful name was Tony
Suspicious was Ted
Who took off the head
And they all knew he was a phony

There once was a man named O’Hare
Who found a way to sell the air
Made lots of money
Couldn’t find a honey
So he became Thneedville’s mayor
-Sean, Nic, Ernie

There once was a young boy named Nic
Who couldn’t think of a limerick
He sat down and thought
For concepts he fought
But none of them would even stick

There once was a man named Hawking
Who you could say was quite the king
Studying the stars
Still looking afar
But could not ever sing

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